Dear Girlfriends

Dear Girlfriends:
Hello to you. When we meet in a dance and we dance close to almost touching the regions, I was happy. You also seemed to enjoy it, and I was glad when I was able to touch the belt. I’ve never danced with a girl close, but now I just want to make it better. When we were a party of side face contact my side face blushed. I can not wait to see you again and dance with you, and perhaps touch on your front face with me.
I did as you ask and wrote it English and sent letter off to your dormitory snails-style to avoid the school bloodhounds. It was hard as my English is cracked and the best I could do was the first to write in Malorusskij and then English, to translate a lot of using Ukrainian to English dictionary. It was not soft, but it must allow my message of desire to go beyond the housemothers and straight to my sweet, who is you, dear Vasylna.
I can not believe how well you danced Macarena (I think it is called) and you were visions of doing the Electric Slide. Who knew that such a thing as a teen club? In 1993. To Ukraine, to Lviv, to Prospekt Svobody!? With Mirror balls and lights and smoke. I think this is due to the wall coming down and Beatles.
Again with dance. When I brought you near me with cotton candy and Red Vines I never dreamed we would accidentally reverse causally converse and soon after almost embrace while dancing to “Careless Whispers” by UK pop twosome Wham!! I especially liked when your side face was rubbing on my side face and you breathe around my eardrum. How I wish you are doing right now.
I would put my lips to yours, if you like, if want. I can only guess they taste sweet, like Red Vines, which did bring you to me. I would say more, but am afeard they could take this sexy letter to an English teacher! Then we are both in trouble, and the chances of us nearly friction regions during rhythmic dancing movements would be greatly reduced!
I long to see you dance the Funky Chicken, as well as to you do the Robot. Maybe there’s a way we can meet at New Skate rink. I have been said of something known as  backward skate which sounds beauty. I hope that despite my lack in English and the first year you know the language feeds my message of love and desire through.
How can I see you again?

My Vasylna, here’s the quiz to be answered when you repound, and I hope you write today and send it tomorrow as I wait. Circle your answer cute girl:

You think I’m handsome?         Yes / No

You want to be my boyfriend?    Yes / No

You want touch my front face?    Yes/ No

Would you like backward skate?    Yes/ No

I’ll wait for answer, if I do not hear back, maybe soon I will crazy.

Your Bodashka


One Response to “Dear Girlfriends”

  1. Yes, Dear Girlfriends is dang funny.

    I dated a Romanian guy for about two weeks. He spoke very much like this. He wanted to touch my front face but I couldn’t get over the fact that he lived with his Romanian, non-English-speaking mother, in a one bedroom apartment that smelled like fish. I met him at a Christmas party hosted by Erin’s immigration lawyer friend, in a condo, teeming with yuppies. Anton had been involved in a bad car accident and was recovering from a broken neck. Of all the attractive people in the room of course I was drawn to the bearded one who looked like Brad from Doo Rag and wore a neck brace like an ascot. There were dogs in the yard. He said: “I saw those two dogs. I thought it was one big goat.” At one point I started coughing and expelled an embarassing little phlem ball. He said: “It was like little Ghostbuster. A hoity toity Ghostbuster.” He told me he loved me. He was really nice.

    Your writing is the cleanest I have ever seen it. I’m looking forward to working my way through the new material. Thank you for sharing.

    Would it be okay if I shared your blog with Godfrey? We are in touch and he asks about you. He would also be a good person to provide input about the chap book.

    I haven’t been writing much. But my librarian girl still beckons. I suspect your blog will inspire me.

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