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a storehouse for the creative output of Jonathan Bond

Here you will find poetry, fiction short and long, unsteady visual art,  and a range of other original offerings.  There are many posts listed in the right column, roughly by category, even a list of posts. Tons of writing and near-art can be found on this site, a vibrating sampler platter of the fractured universe that is:


Below is a list of recent work, please click around or check out the many other original posts below this one, new content on occasion.




Impermanence – opens visual poem

 Short fiction
  Excerpts from 2017 short story “New Prescription”
 Excerpts and thumbnail of 2016 story story “The Slab
 Excerpts from late 2014 short story: “So, Ralph

Update 2021 – Took down PDFs below for now, will upload excerpts soon.

Impulse Control – short story 2013 (opens pdf)
Personal Space – short story  (opens pdf)
Pulling a Shift  – short story (opens pdf)
Non-fiction, Creative Non-fiction:
Red – short 900 word memory piece (pdf)
Encounter with Paul – creative non-fiction (5,000 words in pdf)

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Novel Writing Update 11-17-22

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Novel update 11-17-22, or: slow and steady wins the race? Or: Please welcome Chapters 25 & 26 to the manuscript, and a likely new title: Dweller as well as some cool AI-assisted cover art for fun and to help me visualize the finished product, of course almost no chance my art would ever be used when it’s published.

(Words continued below pics)

Each of the chapters have been finished for a while, and there are words on the page for Chapter 27. When I finish a chapter, I print it out & add it to a physical manuscript so I have a sense the novel exists outside of the abstraction of a thing that lives on a computer. The word count is now over 120,000.

I hope to finish soon. I know it’s a slow motion marathon but Sheesh! Not saying more about it, but I am hopeful I’ll finish soon, more than 11 years after starting. A lot of life in 11 years. Onward.

Novel writing update

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Printed Manuscript for “Illuminated Fools” Chapters 1-20 single-sided

(This was meant to be published last week – jb)

I did work on my novel Illuminated Fools in 2021. You can find detailed updates leading up to this one on the blog here. When I finish a chapter, I like to print it out & add it to a physical manuscript so I have a sense the writing exists outside of the abstraction of something that lives on a computer. This metal hinged cover has worked very well until the single-sided manuscript got too fat & outgrew the long screws.

I stopped adding chapters after ch. 20 for this reason & was stifled somewhat by this at times.

As we know we make excuses to avoid actually doing the work, at least I do. There’s more to this including not having a duplex printer, but I finally had a double-sided document printed of chapters 1-24, which brings the word count to over 106,000 workshopped & edited words and closes out the writing year.

Old (on right Ch. 1-20) Vs. New (on left Ch. 1-24)

I have words on the page for ch. 25 & hope to finish early in 2022, more than 10 years after starting. I love the way this manuscript looks & looks very sporty slimmed down. Onward.

“Two become One” original drawing digitally manipulated

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This image appeared toward the end of a meditation. I am aware we’re not supposed to get caught up in the visual tricks and creative insights that arise while sitting, so I took a picture of the image with my mind, acknowledged the image by being a little curious about it and let it go until I was finished. Of course what I saw and what I drew are quite different, as my draftsmanship seldom matches my ambitions. But that’s where the beauty of Photoshop comes in. I know I ought to work in Illustrator, but I know Photoshop so well. Had fun with some 3rd party filters as well. Might post some more variations soon.

More soon, a novel and chapter update and hopefully a whole new site soon.

A Cowboy and his shadow

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More variations to come with this image soon, I hope.

Trailer for short film “Birds in the Ribs” by Jonathan Bond & Steven J. Yazzie

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Here’s a 37-second trailer for a short 4-minute film I made with my collaborator Steven J. Yazzie entitled “Birds in the Rib,” based on a poem of mine of the same name. More to come about the film, full film in post below this trailer.


“Birds in the Ribs” short film

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Here is a short film I made with my good friend and collaborator Steven Yazzie entitled “Birds in the Rib,” based on a poem of mine of the same name. It’s definitely the high point of our ongoing collaboration, and a culmination. I am grateful to him for all the gifts he brings and for his friendship. More to come about the film.


Daniel Johnston interview by Jonathan Bond from 2001

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Been a while since I posted here, but I’ve been meaning to put some of my music journalism up for a long time. The sad passing of Daniel Johnston on Wednesday, Sept 11 2019 at the age of 58 prompted me to post this interview with him from 18 years ago which was published in a long-gone (even largely from the Wayback Machine!)  Tastemaker music blog basement-life.com that predates Stereogum and the prominence of Pitchfork. (I may also add links to other places I published interviews or stories about Daniel over the years.) I saw him play and spoke to him several times over the years, a few times in person, and each time it was a revelation of play, mental illness, enthusiasm and confusion, sometimes at once. He was a great and made an inimitable contribution to music and art, and though he will be missed, I know he’s in a better place.

The article, design-wise was created for basement-life.com as a series of images with the text embedded. I’ve included the images below but in this format it’s basically impossible to read the font, so I’ve included the original text from the article here. Thanks for reading, and please feel free to comment on your thoughts about Daniel.


Jonathan Bond asks Daniel Johnston “Hi! How are you?”

and they uh, have a lot of fun.


It was 10:53. We closed at 11:00pm. The customers wouldn’t budge from the bins even after the requisite sarcastic 20 minutes warning and the pleading 10-minute warning. We had a solution to this problem at Rockaway Records, and it was time to go for the jugular. This usually meant putting on Metal Machine Music, some delicate selection from Yoko’s solo work or maybe one of the lovelier tracks by Coil or Psychic TV.
I left the selecting to my co-worker and went person to person in the store asking, pleading for them to leave when I was struck by a musical tractor beam, abducted by the sound and couldn’t move.
“They shot him down. They shot him down /they thought he was a monster but he was the king/ they came to his island and they brought her with them/ they wanted to get his picture but they were surprised by his enormous size/ and when he saw the woman he took her without question /because after all he was the King “
Some lunatic little boy was speaking/singing the entire plot to the film King Kong, a cappella. It was a dangerously emotional ode to the fallen giant in which every plot point, every nuance was sung by the broken child’s voice, from the perspective of the King no less. Continue reading ‘Daniel Johnston interview by Jonathan Bond from 2001’

“Get Born Man” image from early 90’s

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“Illuminated Fools:” a novel in progress

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IF-2-72-dpiwebThink High Fidelity meets Cloud Atlas.

Here’s a peek at the work in progress I’ve been workshopping and working on since September 2010. Here’s a thumbnail of the story, below is a longer treatment.

Illuminated Fools

Two young men a century apart are contacted by “The Adept,” a discarnate being who claims to have a message for humanity. Daniel Peachfoot, in present day Phoenix, doesn’t understand what is happening until he discovers a mysterious book from 1912 chronicling Josiah Salt’s experiences with an entity known as “Phylos Simeon,” and how Josiah was made the conduit for bringing Phylos’ esoteric teachings to light.

Josiah’s journey from farm boy to mystic and the contents of the book he scribes for Phylos helps Daniel reconcile his fears about being chosen for similar work. As the two men’s lives intertwine the question remains: who or what is Phylos and what are his intentions with Daniel?

It’s your world, with weird sprinkled on top.


James Sallis and all the good people in his novel writing class have been very helpful in my transition from writing mostly short pieces – primarily poetry – to working on a novel. Nearly every page has been through his workshop and revised based on student feedback and Jim’s amazing critiques / edits.


Here’s a longer treatment of the two story lines.

Illuminated Fools has two main plot lines, both set in Arizona, one in modern day and a sub-plot in 1910. There is a third element to the book consisting of small islands of texts that seem to exist outside of the world of the novel.

The main narrative is the story of Daniel Peachfoot, a disaffected musician working in his family’s record store. He is burned out and stuck in a rut, flirting with a breakdown. He’s going through the motions of another shift when he blacks out and wakes up in the backroom of the store having penned a strange allegorical story he has no memory of composing, written in a hand other than his own.

There is no explanation and he experiences many unsettling sensory difficulties for the rest of the day, including being physically ill, passing out in the bathroom, loosing time and generally feeling like he is operating in a replica of his real world. He’s very distressed by the events and sensory weirdness, only wishes to get through the day and relax with whatever mood enhancers he can find.

In the course of the shift we meet The Boss, Bill Parks and Monday, a part time employee with a special body modification in his forehead. We also see a homeless man called the Toilet Priest who holds forth to empty space. Interspersed with the day-to-day reality of the store are fugue islands of narration that stand in contrast to the standard narration for their other-ness. There are several of these, starting with the story Daniel seems to have created while unconscious. Very different settings and points of view not yet explained.

Chapter six introduces the “Monument Valley” story-line. The chapters comprise the introduction to a book Daniel finds in the primary narrative. In this long introduction the book’s author Josiah Salt explains that he did not write the book in question, that it was dictated to him by an entity that spoke to him directly and delivered the content to him.

These chapters focus on the author Josiah’s experiences leading up to the composition of the book, before he accepts the “adept,”which Josiah claims is the actual author,  before he accepts his role and functions as the adept’s vessel for writing the book. It also explains that once he accepts his role as the receiver he starts to experience extra-sensory abilities.

The “Monument Valley” chapters will alternate with chapters from the main narrative starting with chapter six, perhaps earlier. The Monument Valley plot is now five chapters long, there will likely be more, the two plot-lines may alternate chapters earlier. The two story lines may also synthesize into an entirely new narrative beast.


Click below if interested in the nuts and bolts updates about when chapters were finished, and what I’m working on. Thanks for your interest and support for works in progress.



Continue reading ‘“Illuminated Fools:” a novel in progress’

Sunset Star Flower: two variations revisted

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