babes circle the howler: original photo

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“the barb of a down feather”: an original poem by Jonathan Bond

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Singular for “dice”: original poem

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Sucking Stone: original poem

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Something else he said,
but after:
to see the sky is only a matter of looking.

This time
when I paused to close my eyes,
I saw a man the color of corn
who’d opened his fists into tunnels.

blocky fingers haloed his open eyes:
fleshy binoculars.

He was made of rough stone,
a kind of statue or dead god.

That night, as I groped
for dropped eyeglasses
on the wooden floor

a low voice in my head said:
Suck up the night boy!

and so I did.

impermanence – original visual poem

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Scrambled Souls: Treated image

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Link to short film: “Paddle and Anvil: a Piipaash Pottery Tradition” by Digital Preserve

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So proud to say the short film I worked on: “Paddle and Anvil: a Piipaash Pottery Tradition” premiered on Thursday at the Heard Museum in Phoenix to a standing room only crowd and ended with a standing ovation.

Truly a humbling experience and easily one of my proudest accomplishments. Steven Yazzie is a generous collaborator and a wonderful friend. Thanks Steve, Digital Preserve and the Heard Museum!

Here’s a link to the full video ( eighteen minutes) on the front page of the Digital Preserve site, and a couple of shots from the Premier. Hope there will be more to report about this film soon.

IMG_3207 IMG_3208


Premiere of: “Paddle and Anvil: a Piipaash Pottery Tradition” at The Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona 2-11-16

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still from: “Paddle and Anvil: a Piipaash Pottery Tradition”

Hi everyone. Jonathan here. I’m very proud to announce the premier of a short documentary film I worked on with Steven Yazzie entitled: Paddle and Anvil: a Piipaash Pottery Tradition, about Master Potter Ron Carlos of the Piipaash Tribe on the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community in nestled in the center of Metro Phoenix, Arizona. The film will debut at The Heard Museum this Thursday, Feb 11th at 1:30 pm. I’m very honored Steve showed me the ropes of making a short film, and to collaborate with his film production company Digital Preserve. (You can see a short bio of me on the site if you scroll down here)

For: Paddle and Anvil: a Piipaash Pottery Tradition, I functioned as Story Consultant, Assistant Editor, Writer, occasional Second Camera, follow up Interviewer, Production Assistant and much more. It was a challenging and rewarding experience, and I was very privileged to again collaborate with Steve and also pleased to be currently working on more projects for Digital Preserve.

See the info on The Heard Museum website here (the link to the trailer there is broken) and check out the trailer for the film here.

I hope to have a link to the full length shortly after the premier.


still from: “Paddle and Anvil: a Piipaash Pottery Tradition”

Punk Babes

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(not) in the absence of fire – original poem

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