Cloud Ruler – an original visual poem (full text below)


Cloud Ruler

we lose sense of the scale of clouds.

Might think:
that one’s as big as a football field

this cloud could surely fit in my pocket

Oooh — pocket clouds —
but that is another subject . . .

Friends, do you ever have this problem?
You know, you’re watching the sunset,
and wondering at it

but out of habit you default to
trying (and failing) to contain the clouds,
this uncontainable thing.

trying to bring something colossal to human scale.
you think: Oh, this cloud is the size and shape
of a giant’s bedspread,
getting aired out on the line.

and then you see a bitsy, teeny jet fly into it
and the bedspread morphs into a cloud continent.

May I propose an app
that projects a humongous ruler
into the  sky
to facilitate proper cloud scaling.

Better yet, harmless lasers
that find anchor points of density
and map out the true, albeit ephemeral, shape
of said cloud.

An art, a sport, of cloud mapping.
bowing to the fleeting impermanent  beauty
pursing the silly hobby of
quantifying a dream.

~ by 15wattLasVegas on October 21, 2016.

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