New writing: “Impulse Control,” a short story, & “Encounter with Paul,” non-fiction

Guillaume_Duchenne_de_Boulogne_performing_facial_electrostimulus_experiments_crop40%Hello. Happy to share two new pieces of writing. A short story called “Impulse Control” and a non-fiction piece entitled “Encounter with Paul.”

Impulse Control” is spankin’ new, about 3,000 words and rearin’ to be read and submitted. It concerns itself with an impulsive thrill theft and the consequences. (Update 10/15/13, impulse Control has been revised and edited.)

Paul” is a few years old, it sat on my desktop making me feel guilty for a long time and has gone through a few permutations since its original form. I was daunted by it, but now feel like I have it under control. Probably daunted because it strives for some larger themes I’m usually too self-conscious to address head on.

The story concerns books, anxiety, dark roads, Craigslist transactions, religion, hypoglycemia, positive change and a bunch of other fun stuff. About 5000 words.



~ by 15wattLasVegas on June 12, 2013.

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